Occultation of Saturn by the Moon   2002 April 16th

A perfectly clear still night gave a great opportunity for viewing this seldom seen event, as the Moon drifted over the planet Saturn. Disappearance occurred at the dark limb, followed by a reappearance on the bright limb. This image shows the final stage of the event with the Moon drawing away from Saturn. CCD image taken at 21:36h UT. 25ms exposure with  SXF CCD.

I video recorded the entire event. This sequence of  9 frame grabbed images was obtained with an Astrovid  camera and 2x barlow lens and  50cm Newtonian and shows the immersion of the planet at the dark limb. It is an inverted telescopic view with south at the top.

Here Saturn reappears at the bright limb some 26 minutes later. Astrovid + 50 cm Newtonian.