The Arp Controversy

Over twenty years ago Halton Arp suggested that not all quasars may lie at cosmolgical distances. On his observational evidence of many galactic fields of view he suggested that quasars may be features ejected from nearby galaxies. Their large redshifts being accounted for by their speed of ejection from the host galaxy.

He cited many examples of quasars lying in proximity to bright galaxies in the order of a few arc minutes distance, but displaying widely differentline of sight velocities (redshifts).

NGC 4319 and its association with Mrk 205 remains the prime example. These two systems are just 40 arc seconds apart but have recessional velocities of 1,700 and 20,000 Km/sec. Deep exposures of these objects reveal a "luminous bridge" between galaxy and quasar, adding more credence to Arp's view.

This false colour image reveals this mysterious feature. It is a sum of  4x80 sec exposures with 50 cm f/4 and SX CCD.

However, Arp's opponents believe this is not so, since a third galaxy interacting with Mrk 205 has been found and thus this feature is simply a tidal tail between these two remoter objects. Are we looking at just another chance alignment, or are these systems physically linked?

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