Galaxies of Autumn Skies

All images taken with MX 916 CCD and 50 cm f/4 Newtonian


M74   Spiral Galaxy in Pisces showing SN  2003gd

NGC 253

NGC 520   Peculiar Galaxy in Pisces showing tidal tails

NGC 7320, 7317, 7318a/b, 7319  "Stephan's Quintet"
Galaxy Cluster  in Pegasus showing tidal  interactions.

ngc 253

NGC  253  - Three image mosaic of this large spiral in Sculptor.

NGC 1232 - Loose armed spiral galaxy in  Eridanus.
ngc 1300

NGC 1300 - Classic Barred Spiral Galaxy in Eridanus.
ngc 772

NGC 772 - Showing two supernovae