Jupiter  2004

Opposition: March 4th in Leo           Apparent diameter:  44.6"

January 17th

Jupiter Jan 17 2004

Oval BA on the meridian. Activity in the SEB showing rifting, and several blue tinted festoons on the south side of the SEB. All images are taken with 50 cm refl. stopped to 20 cm and are 10 sec video clips processed with K3CCD Tools and Toucam Pro webcam.

January 30th


Seeing conditions poor tonight but large barge and bright blue festoon visible on NEB. Io is egressing the planet and can be seen as a pimple on the limb to the left.


This image taken half on hour later than the one above has been more mildly processed to give a softer image equating to the visual appearance in the telescope.

March 8th

A rare night of excellent seeing conditions! Just a few days past opposition and much activity is evident in the North and South Equatorial belts. GRS appears a deeper orange colour, and deep blue festoons are apparent on the NEB.  A  small dark spot is appearing in STZ preceding the GRS.  A blue streak appears in between both components of the SEB (00:12h) although the newly detected elongated bluish feature on SEB (n) is not evident.

Jupiter 2004-03-08

March 16th

Good seeing conditions, and just caught the GRS on the preceding limb as it disappeared from view.
 Bright white oval on STB.

Jupiter 2004 March 16th

Jupiter  2004 March 16th