"It'll be Alright on the Night...........

BBC Final Frontier visits Worth Hill Observatory"

A surprise e-mail from Mark Bridges of the Open University "Final Frontier" late night astronomy program resulted in a TV broadcast from my observatory on April  4th which coincided with the close approach of Comet Ikeya-Zhang with the Great Andromeda Galaxy. Naturally the weather was not obliging, however it wasn't quite as bad as it may have been, and about fifty guests were able to take in the proceedings with views of Jupiter and Saturn, however the comet was soon lost in the horizon haze.
Dr. Chris Riley, the presenter for the night, arrives during late afternoon when skies looked promisingly clear. By the time cameras and lights had been set up and scripts rehearsed, the sky was now dark and we go out to the dome. 
One of the lesser used pieces of apparatus used at my observatory is the home-made "comet sweeping" chair constructed out of old tractor parts. It was hastily recommisioned for the night, and I was shown as an "avid comet searcher" ha ha!A star party was now in full swing, everyone was quietly having a chuckle!
Sorry Chris, skies are just too cloudy, here are a few piccies I  took earlier!
Dave Brown and Rob Hatch were having rather more success Rob images Jupiter with a hand held digital camera. Dave succeeds in imaging the comet, which is now too low for the telescope in the dome. The green cast in these images results from the infrared camera used to image in the dark!
Time to call it a night,  with a brew up from Bill!