Worth Hill Observatory is a privately owned observatory on the South Dorset Coast U.K. with dark skies and an excellent horizon.  For more information about the observatory take a look here.  

As I have now relocated to Devon, this webpage will no longer be updated (webspace is full). To keep in touch please follow this link for latest news and images.

Latest Images and Events 
February 10th -  Saturn  and  Supernova 2006X in M100.
December 19th - More images of  Venus
December 12th - Venus at  greatest  brilliancy at  Mag -4.5  in Western Sky
October 21st - First images of  Mars
August 11th - Image of  "Tenth Planet".  Perseid Meteor Watch here.
July 4th - Images of  9P Tempel  after Deep Impact  and  bright  supernova in  M51
June 23rd - Images of the Lowest Full Moon  for 18 years.
June 17th - Comet C/2005 K2 LINEAR page.  
June 13th - Image of new comet C/2005 K2 LINEAR showing divided nuclear region. More images here
May 11th - Images of Jupiter ,  Deep Sky images: M51, M3, NGC 4565
March 16th -  Interacting and Peculiar Galaxies.  Public Astro Event here on April 16th -  "Saturn and Jupiter"
December 20th - Image of new Comet Machholz. Currently a binocular object in Eridanus.
October 12th - Supernova 2004et
September 19th - Image of asteroid Toutatis, Comet 29/P in outburst.
July 20th - Image of  Giant Sunspot  652
June 10th -  More Transit images
June 3rd - Join us for The Transit of Venus. More details here.
May 16th - More Comet NEAT images.  Venus Transit  page launched.
May 15th - Image of  naked eye Comet  2001Q4 NEAT
April 25th  - Images of new Comet  C/2004 F4 (Bradfield)
March 17th - More Jupiter images
March 5th - Events page updated.  Public Astronomy Event with the Dorset Wildlife Trust:  "The Moon and Tides"   4th April 7.00pm More info here
February 19th - Image of  McNeil's  Nebula - A  newly discovered deep sky object!
January 30th - Added Jupiter 2004 webpage
January 18th - First light images of MX916 CCD.  Jupiter imaged with webcam.
November  3rd - More Galaxies of Autumn Skies

October 23rd - Image of  huge Sunspot  484
October 21st -  Image of Comet 2/P Encke,  Galaxies of Autumn Skies.
September 22nd - More "Mars" images
August 29th/30th  "The Close Approach of Mars" Public Star Party  
An  N. A.W.  event  with Wessex Astronomical Society.  Click here for a report.
August 26th - Added  further images to  Mars 2003 Webpage


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